‘Tis The Season Day 15 – Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Other Woolly Wonders

Polar bear hats

Oh, a good hat, that fits just right and doesn’t itch. A pair of gloves, easy to get on but snug enough to keep the warmth in. That enveloping scarf that snuggles your neck and a bit of your face. The snuggliness of winter.

A good set of these lovelies is an essential part of that post swim kit ‘Tis The Season Day 7 – The Joy of Lots of Layers. So important I thought it needed it’s own day!

I’ve got lots of hats. All interchangeable, some with bobbles, some with ear flaps, some that are fleece lined. Key for keeping the warm in before and after a dip. Often kept firmly in place during a heads up breastroke polar bear dip. There’s always a back up in the car in case of dampness or loss. I’ve even discovered I can keep my woolly hat dry(ish) whilst having a post swim warm up shower.

My glove selection includes fingerless, fingerless with a mitten flap, windproof and big winter ski mittens. My fingerless with flaps are my favourite. They’re loose wool so easy to get on immediately, I’ve still got use of my fingers to get the rest of me dressed, then once I’m done I can smother them in a woolly flap. The ski mittens sometimes get shoved over the top as a bit of extra!

I’m a scarf person. My husband despairs at how many I have. I’m not a fan of wool, it makes me itch, so a nice big jersey cotton one does very nicely. Anything massive and oversized fits the bill though too.

My favourite of the woolly accoutrements though is a good pair of leg warmers. I picked some up in a charity shop a couple of years ago and I’ve since made another pair out of an old jumper. Open water swimming is definitely the place to rock some 80’s chic!

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