‘Tis The Season Day 20 – Sauna!!!!


A few weeks ago I met a bloke………….in the Pub. Yesterday he messaged me to see if I fancied a go in his sauna. He’s called Tom.

Dodgy?Nope. Despite my exploits I am, at times, boringly sensible. Tom is the partner of a friend of mine.  He works in the States most of the year but comes home for longish spells at certain times of the year. My friend’s been keen for me to meet him for ages. He’s a winter swimmer too you see.

He owns a piece of land locally, on which he’s put a sauna. When Tom found out I’d been out of the water for more than a week thanks to my rickety lungs he immediately messaged me to see if I fancied a whirl in his sauna to clear my chest.

So this morning I wandered through a little gate in a fence and up the hill to his little wooden hut. It was all set up when I got there, toasty warm with towels, robes, Vick, Olbas oil, tea and ice on offer. And there was cake too of course.

We sat and put the world to rights looking out on a beautiful view. At maximum heat we nipped outside to a makeshift shower from a barrel to cool off.  Sadly the ice bath wasn’t in action today. There was ice on offer to take back in though. We swaddled some ice in a flannel and sat it on our heads back in the heat.

It was a perfect hour and I didn’t cough once, definitely a healer for the remains of my chest infection.

So thanks Emma for suggesting it and thanks Tom for your welcome. What a great experience. I’ll definitely be back!


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