‘Tis The Season Day 24 – The Short One

Amanda ice

The last day of advent and the last day of my festive blog. The purpose of me writing this series of blogs was to pay thanks to winter swimming. To highlight the good bits, talk about the tough bits and to explain the complete joy I find in it. I wouldn’t be doing all this swimming if it weren’t for the support of lots of people, friends, family, colleagues, the wider open water community. But there’s one person that I definitely wouldn’t be doing this without………..The Short One.

AKA Pink, Posh and Loud, The Crazy Triathlete, Amanda.

It’s rare you meet someone that “just gets it”. I know the sentiment goes both ways. We endlessly encourage each other to just go that “one step further”. Our solstice trip this year started off as The Short One wanting to do a 5km point to point swim. That’s fine for me so she decided we should make it a challenge for me too. Adding in a big walk and a ride to the day got me as near to doing a triathlon as I’m ever going to get. It challenged me beyond what I’d ever done before and certainly wasn’t something I’d have done on my own.

Our swims aren’t just about swimming either. They’re about putting the world to rights, getting off our chests whatever’s been bothering us that day. We meet for our early morning dips at 6am and leave at 7am. About 30 minutes of that’s usually swimming. The rest is spent faffing, chatting and drinking coffee.

We’ve both been through a lot this year and we’ve been there for each other through all of it. Thanks Short One, you’re awesome, I can’t wait for 2019’s adventures!

Wishing everyone a very happy festive season and an adventurous and fun 2019.



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